Картинная галерея Пиросмани


Нико (Николай Асланович) Пиросманишвили (1862 - 1918) - известный грузинский художник-самоучка. Почти всю свою жизнь провел в Тбилиси. Писал в наивно-примитивной манере вывески для духанов-столовых, увеселительных заведений, картины на темы из жизни горожан, а также пейзажи, натюрморты, изображения животных. Пиросмани, со свойственным еиу непосредственным, наивно-поэтическим видением мира, создал величаво-торжественные по духу произведения, персонажи которых внутренне драматичны, и внешне спокойны, романтичны и не лишены конкретных бытовых черт. Пластически завершенные по форме произведения Пиросманишвили отличаются статичностью четко построенных композиций, часто многоплановых (как бы действие во времени), строгим, сдержанным колоритом с введениемнемногих ярких цветовых пятен. Дом-музей художника находится на его родине, в селе Мирзаани, Цителцкаройского района.

Niko Pirosmanashvili was born in 1862 (perhaps on May 5) in a poor peasant family. He spent nearly all of his life in Tiflis (now Tbilisi), where he arrived as a small orphaned boy. His whole life was a chain of ascents and descents, of illusions and disenchantments, which eventually led him to a solitary death (his grave has never been discovered). Pirosmani tried his hands at a number of occupations: he tried to set up an establishment to paint shop signs, worked as a railway guide, engaged in trade until the urge to paint became irrepressible. He then dropped everything to be an artist. Occasionally he performed simple tasks, such as whitewashing a wall, renovating a number on a house facade.
Pirosmani's life-style itself was far from the ordinary. A homeless vagabond, he only rarely occupied a cubby-hole in a cellar or under a staircase.
However bizarre and extraordinary the life of Pirosmani, his posthumous destiny, or rather that of his paintings, has proved to be truly fantastic.
Today he enjoys worldwide renown. His works are deposited in major art galleries and reproduced in glossy art books and catalogues. Exhibitions of his works make triumphant tours of European capitals.
Shortly before his death the great Picasso drew Pirosmani's portrait.
At the 1913 exhibition of the Mishen (Target) art society, Pirosmani's pictures were first shown to the public.
Pirosmani is characterised by anxious doubt and epic monumentalism, bitterness and admiration of the material world... In Pirosmani's case, these seemingly incompatible qualities are complementary and, they have made his art unusually rich, complex and lofty.

A Bear. Moonlight Night

Yellow Lion Sitting

A Doe Walking

Eagle with Captured Hare


A Lamb and a Laden Easter Table

A Roe Against A Landscape

Roe Drinking at a Stream

Woman Milking a Cow

Robber with a Stolen Horse

Boy Delievering a meal

Physician Riding a Donkey

Peasant Woman with Her Son

Large Marani Vessel in a Forest

The Tbilisi Funicular

Woman with a Beer Mug

Fisherman Wearing a Red Shirt

Porter with a Barrel

Little Boy Riding a Donkey

Little Girl with a Patterned Balloon

Shamil with a Bodyguard

A Tatar Cameleer

Feast at Gvimradze's

Feast in a Grapewine Arbour

A family Party

Feast of Three Noblemen

Bely Dukhan Restaurant

An Easter Feast. (Detail)

Detail of Kakhetian Epic

Detail of Kakhetian Epic

Actress Marguerite

Woman Carrying Easter Eggs

Georgian Woman with a Tambourine

Created by Diana Alugishvili, Ilia Jinchvelashvili